Brace yourselves SEO Jokes are coming - SEO Meme

The most awesome marketing memes we could find

Feb 6, 2020 | DAE & Company, Design

Looking for leads in all the right places

lionel hello marketing meme

Oh Lionel, of course it’s leads we’re looking for. Because, at DAE and company, that’s just what we do. Though, we’re a lot more likely to use our kick-ass digital marketing chops than our rotary dial phones (we garage-saled those a long, long time ago).

Smart babies market to tribes

tough baby marketing meme

This is one serious baby genius, because he understands the importance of NOT assuming marketing to generations will actually get him connected to consumers. He must’ve read our recent tribe marketing blog post. We hope you have, too!

Remarketing rules, threats aside

remarketing marketing meme featuring liam neeson

Liam, you don’t scare us with your tough-guy Scottish accent (though we do find it quite charming). We know remarketing works, and so that’s what we’re gonna do. Again, and again, and again…

Blind Flying, anyone?

conversion tracking marketing meme featuring captain picard

Captain Picard would never fly blind, would he? After all, the fate of the universe is at stake. That’s why he also wouldn’t dream of NOT tracking conversions. After all, the fate of his entire marketing campaign is at stake, right?

Dwight ain’t right

we don't need seo marketing meme featuring dwight from the office

As if we weren’t already well aware of Dwight’s not-rightness, he goes and says something like this. But, that’s Dwight, alright. Please, don’t be like Dwight; that is, if you would like your business to survive the next decade.

Speaking of your business surviving (nay, thriving in) the next decade, why not give us a shout over here at DAE & Company, and let’s talk marketing. We promise we won’t make you the subject of one of our memes (unless you go and say something like Dwight).

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