Tahoe Resource Conservation District

Awareness Campaign Development

The Tahoe Resource Conservation District needed to inform Lake Tahoe boaters of a newly-established, mandatory boat inspection program in an effort to protect the health of the Lake.


To inform Lake Tahoe boaters of a new watercraft inspection program and the damage caused by quagga mussels, at the same time creating “buy in” to the program, so Lake Tahoe boaters are more receptive to boat inspections and fees.


We used a simple and positive approach that focused on caring for Lake Tahoe while enjoying its natural resources. To capture and resonate with the target audience, the team utilized over-the-top imagery of boaters and popular water sports placed on a beautiful and recognizable shot of Lake Tahoe so that the boat looked larger than life. Although one of the key elements of the campaign was informing boaters about the devastating damage that transported quagga mussels were causing to the Lake and watercraft, the campaign focused on boat inspections for overall Lake health. Campaign elements included print and digital advertising, billboards, direct mail, collateral distribution and public relations.

Post Card

Tahoe Boat Inspection Direct Mail

Rack Card

Lake Tahoe Boat Inspection Rack Card


Boat Inspection Awareness Billboard



raised awareness within target market

The award-winning campaign ran for approximately five months and resulted in a significant increase of awareness within 94% of the target market. The campaign’s success also prompted the State of Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW) to use it for its statewide efforts.