Hearts & Minds & Feets

In today’s complex marketing world, understanding what channels most effectively influence your customer’s decision-making is acquired expertise. 

Sales Funnel Infographic

DAE’s veteran bench of marketers and creators know which channels and what messaging motivates a buyer’s progressive steps along their path to purchase. Each step is tracked and measured to ensure that all signals are firing and being received to achieve the KPIs designated for those channels. 

It’s an orchestrated, integrated marketing program that inspires your audiences’ hearts, informs their minds, and then moves their feets toward your business.


A remarkable brand is a living thing with a personality defined by you and your customers. Finding and developing that personality is one of our specialties. We start with research to uncover a message that will engage the audience. Then, we polish that message into a vibrant graphic representation and standards to maintain a consistent foundation for evocatively communicating your brand to the world.

Research & Strategy

There are loads of consumers out there. But to reach the right ones requires that we work at knowing them on a personal level. Audience understanding and motivations are critical to informing our work and are baked deeply into a fat-free brand strategy that shapes positioning, messaging, conversion metrics and performance analysis.

Online/Offline Strategy & Execution

With all of the splintering and media fragmentation that clouds the marketing world, one fact remains essential: provocative creative is the most effective return on investment. Whether it’s a print ad, a multi-faceted digital and social campaign, an over-the-top viral push, a far-reaching broadcast effort or an all-out marketing crusade marrying all the above, we sweat blood to create advertising that compels action.

Media Planning & Buying

DAE’s media planning, buying and tracking extends beyond the 101-basics of simply checking the reach-and-frequency boxes. We’re experts at developing the best media strategies—using our experience, industry resources, insider contacts and brazen creativity to deliver the right advertising, in the right channels, to the right audience, at the right price.

Content Development

A fully loaded, leading-edge content development program that is steeped in strategy and executional know-how defines our 360-degree approach to content marketing. We identify the relevant channels that drive SEO/SEM. Then we push and pull our target audiences through the litany of video, social and owned marketing channels to build awareness with your target audiences while motivating interactions with your brand.


We are a Google Partner, certified in both Google Adwords and Google Analytics. With our nerd flag flying proudly, we translate years of experience, a multitude of platforms, reporting tools and proprietary data into actionable strategy, bidding, tactics, and analysis.

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