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The following will give you a good sense of the diversity of strategy, creative direction and execution that we invest in our client work. Want to talk about your marketing and what you’d like to see accomplished? Give us a buzz!

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel

A premier hotel property toeing the Nevada/California border on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel turned to DAE&Co. to develop its branding and advertising. The consumer advertising work has resulted in a well-received campaign pairing animated illustrations with property and destination photography. The work clearly defines the property, particularly against the competing hotel/casino properties on the Nevada side of “the line.”

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel Exterior Summer
LTRH Winter Print Ad
Winter Print Ad
LTRH Summer Print Ad
Summer Print Ad
ANew Home Buyers

Anew Home Buyers

Anew Home Buyers is a new-breed of real-estate buying firm. Rather than the traditional model of Realtor/Buyer/Broker/TitleCompany/MortgageCompany etc., Anew strips away the middlemen. They work directly with the homeseller and can complete a transaction (payment, title, everything) in about five days. On paper, it sounds like a better way to sell your home, right?

There were challenges.

This new approach was peppered with low-end hustlers tainting the target audience’s perception. And Anew had to overcome a century of putting one’s faith in a Realtor to navigate the sales process. So, our mission was to position Anew as legitimate and forward-thinking, while maintaining the company’s personable, honorable nature. The result was a progressive logo mark, and marketing focused on allaying fears while focusing heavily on benefits.

ANew Home Buyer Direct Mailer
Direct Mailer Design
ANew Homebuyer Print Ad
Print Ad
Hanagi Japanese Restaurant

Hanagi Japanese Restaurant – Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel

The new Hanagi Japanese Restaurant that recently opened inside our Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel is something of a groundbreaker. This is the first Hanagi to open on mainland United States (the other two are in Sapporo and Guam, respectively).

For this new mid-priced, fully immersive Japanese dining experience, we created a complete branding suite, including menus, guest check-in collateral, on-property signage and various other marketing components. The result is a striking, immediately recognizable identity.

Hanagi restaurant menu
Restaurant Menu
Hanagi restaurant checkin flyer
Guest Check-in Piece with Oragami Insert
Anaheim Majestic Hotel and Hanagi Restaurant entry banners
Entry Banners
Tahoe South

Tahoe South Weddings

With an updated “Love, Lake Tahoe” positioning, a redesigned website focusing on a more fluid user experience, and messaging from Lake Tahoe inviting newly engaged couples to “bring their love” to this remarkable destination, DAE&Co. created a powerful, integrated campaign applauding love in all its magical forms.

Tahoe South Weddings Landing Page
Tahoe South Weddings Blog Page
Winter digital ad
Summer digital ad
LGTBQ digital ad

Digital Ads

Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel

Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel

It’s one thing to compete as an Anaheim flag hotel property among all the other flags. Each local property has the full support of the national brand’s marketing machinery to fill rooms and maintain customer relationships. But our Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel client, part of the independent Premier Hotel Group, was starting from the ground up. So, we had to create AMGH’s marketing opportunities from scratch. The result is a proudly independent, family-centric property that goes toe to toe daily with brands that sport budgets a gazillion times larger than ours. And we outperform and outbook those other properties, year over year. So, yeah, we’re happy with the outcomes.

Anaheim Majestic Hotel Print Ad
Print Ad
Carson Valley Nevada

Carson Valley Visitors Authority

The Legends Campaign is the result of a deep-dive into collected primary and secondary research and our long-standing experience with marketing destinations. The net-net is that travelers want to gain an understanding of the destination prior to visiting. They also want to get a sense of the people who call that destination home.

And so the Legends Campaign was born.

Each of the Legends are obviously real life members of the Carson Valley community. From a deeper psychographic profile, they represent the distinct personality archetypes that define the Carson Valley target audiences.

Legends is strategically spot on, charmingly endearing and effective as hell.

Carson Valley Visitors Authority Ad
Print Ad
Carson Valley Visitors Authority Ad
Print Ad
Carson Valley Visitors Authority Outdoor Board
Outdoor Billboard

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