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We were tasked with revisiting past research and conducting new informal research to execute a brand audit. We wanted to confirm that the Carson Valley brand was still true and meaningful to its audience. Using research conclusions and brand confirmation, we needed to develop a creative campaign that would connect with the audience emotionally and give them compelling reasons to visit Carson Valley.

Phase 1: Brand Development

  • Review research conducted in 2012
  • Interview local stakeholders and visitors
  • Execute site visits
  • Research current tourism landscape
  • Review archetypes of target audience
  • Make recommendations to brand based on findings

Phase 2: Creative Development

  • Make slight modification to brand to include Brand Essence as the personality of the destination
  • Develop campaign design to express the people, the geography and the experience
  • Present to client, marketing committee and board
  • Develop landing page for website to connect the campaign and bring it to life

Phase 3: Launch

  • Execute campaign deliverables: print, outdoor, television, online video, online banner ads and collateral
  • Work with other departments to express the brand and campaign via social media and public relations


  • Campaign generated 50,000+ unique visitors to in four months
  • Within eight months, website traffic was up 250% over the previous eight months
  • Campaign has received positive recognition from the Carson Valley community and neighboring communities
  • Addy Award winner
Woman mountain biking in Carson Valley
Woman putting on helmet to start mountain biking.
Labrador dog waiting near mountain bike.

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Carson Valley Visitors Authority Ad
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