5-hour ENERGY®
Digital Campaign Highlights

DAE & Company’s digital team has a storied history of working with major brands. 5-hour ENERGY®, the ubiquitous pick-me-up supplement, was one of those high-profile clients. Our digital team began working with the brand during its first product release; Chaser Hangover, a morning–after curative. The positive results led to acquiring the new product 5-hour ENERGY®. This was back when SERPs were reported for AskJeeves, MSN and Lycos. And Netscape was still a thing. Perhaps most intriguing is that we were integrating paid, owned and earned channels into their digital strategy and execution in 2005 for 5-hour ENERGY® before all the cool kids were doing it


The DAE digital team did nearly everything as it related to 5-hour ENERGY’s® digital presence. In a truly roll-up-the-sleeves and make-it-happen fashion:

  • Launched the company’s social accounts, and adapted as social evolved and the platforms found their footing
  • Built massive followings via new product launches and contests
  • Helped debut the brand’s e-commerce division
  • Surmounted FDA lawsuits
  • Pivoted as new design and brand positioning was mandated
  • Fought toe-to-toe with names like Monster and RedBull, and innumerable parasite competitors


So, yeah, the team used every tool in the digital marketing arsenal:

  • Online video
  • Email/CRM
  • Social: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Influencer marketing- initially using Clint Bowyer, Thiago Silva, and most recently establishing relationships with major e-gaming celebrities. BTW: The term “influencer” was not a common one when they began
  • Special events
  • Coordinated online media buying
  • …you get the picture

Highlights, Objectives, Outcomes

The focus of the campaign, product launches, and sweepstakes were designed for two reasons:

Capitalize on Emerging Markets:

  • Sports
    • Derek Schefter Sweepstakes – designed for a broad approach to ESPN market
      • Increased organic social reach 455%
    • Clint Bowyer – designed with conquesting in mind. Traditional energy drinks like Monster had launched into NASCAR and were capitalizing on the new fan base.
      • Increased organic social reach 300%
  • New Product Launch – Cherry 5-hour ENERGY® geared at new demographic
    • Increased organic social reach 327%

Online public relations support/reputation management – Along with emerging market campaigns, we also focused on combining traditional PR with digital campaigns to alleviate negative PR brought on by various issues:

  • FDA Lawsuits – “5-hour ENERGY® Helps” – Oprah-esque giveaway that showed the philanthropic side of the brand.
    • Increased organic social reach 200%
    • Millions of YouTube views
  • “Yummification” Contest – There was buzz that the original flavors did not taste good. Designed contest to showcase new flavors, recipes AND capitalize on user-generated video content.
    • Drove 80,000 new users to the website weekly during contest


It’s worth noting that in an age of agency/client relationships that last from two to five years, our team maintained a strong alliance with 5-hour ENERGY® from 2005-2017.

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