Nevada Fire Safety Council

Awareness Campaign Development


Increase awareness about creating defensible space for aiding in firefighting efforts to protect Tahoe-area homes, families, neighborhoods, open land, and the Lake. Additionally, increase the number of Lake Tahoe basin homeowners participating in the defensible space program and receiving inspection vouchers, which are redeemable for a $1,000 rebate.


The Get Defensive campaign utilized Lake Tahoe basin homeowners and firefighters in various “defensive” positions to connect with the community. Though the message about responsible homeownership and aiding local firefighters was serious, a light touch of humor helped capture the target audience’s attention. Audiences were further compelled to take action through a limited-time $1,000 rebate for completing the defensible space program. We developed a marketing and communications strategy focused on appealing to both individual homeowners and the entire community. The media mix included highly targeted social media, internet (website and advertising), print ads, promotional events, public relations, collateral, direct mail and cable television.

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Tahoe Defensible Space Postcard

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local homeowners completing the program

The Get Defensive campaign set a record – with more than 750 Tahoe basin homeowners completing the defensible space program, nearly double from the previous year’s home inspections. In addition, Get Defensive awareness soared as Tahoe residents recalled reading articles in local media and seeing campaign ads, resulting in increased visits to their website. Eventually, was integrated into