Photo and Video Shoot Ideas For Your Hotel

Nov 9, 2021 | DAE & Company, Marketing

Photo and video shoots for your hotel are an important part of building your brand and helping attract guests and groups to your space! The photos and videos that you create will help to build a stronger connection with your guests and people who are thinking about staying at your hotel. We’ve put together some key ideas on the types of photoshoots you should be investing in for your hotel.


Make it easy for anyone to picture themselves in your space! You’ll want to show your guests what to expect when it comes to your spaces and staff. Showcase the spaces that are most popular at your hotel and use people in your shots to show off the best locations. Whether you’re known for stunning outdoor pool areas or a comfortable, cozy bar or restaurant, let your photo or video shoot capture the true vibe of your space so that your target audiences are able to connect with your brand and are convinced to book their stay immediately!


Videos are a great way to ease your audience’s minds and show off all the great processes and procedures you have in place! People are starting to get more comfortable traveling, but some are still cautious. Walk people through your sanitation procedures, or create a video explaining what the hotel will be doing to increase guest comfort post-pandemic. A video outlining your health and sanitation procedures could go a long way in convincing hesitant guests to book with you.


Whether you’re nestled in the mountains of Lake Tahoe or you’re within walking distance of some great tourist spots, let the world know what’s outside your hotel doors! Show off what guests can do and see in the area. Where are the best local restaurants, sights, and stops? You could also take this as an opportunity to help out local businesses that have struggled during the pandemic, allowing them to introduce themselves and what they have to offer to your guests. You’ll be able to create a community that your guests already feel comfortable being a part of as soon as they see this content, while also building your relationship with other local business owners.


It’s great to include a list of amenities on your website, but why not show them off? A fun interview with your bartenders and waitstaff where they talk up their favorite drinks or menu items can be a fun way to get people interested in your bar or restaurant. A walk-through of your spa will definitely draw more attention than a simple list of services! Show off a little and really give others a glimpse into what makes your property so special.


Your team is the best group of ambassadors you have for your hotel! Ask for volunteers to be in photoshoots and videos, and let their personalities shine. Get quotes and stories from staff members about their favorite guest memories, their favorite “secret spots” at the hotel, or just some local insight they can provide to out-of-town guests. Photos of them with a quote or story is an easy way for people to see a friendly face associated with the place that they’ll be staying. Let them start building relationships with potential visitors from the get-go!


Creating videos or photos, similar to the staff content, is a great way for your guests to discuss what they love about the hotel! Customer-generated content can go a long way in building trust and authenticity in your brand.

Vacation Vibes

Show off what makes your hotel the best getaway. Anything from skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, concerts, and local events to your spa, restaurants, or just comfy rooms! Whatever experience you can provide guests, show it off and get people dreaming of their next vacation (or staycation!) with you.

Overall, these photo and video content ideas will help you to strengthen your hotel’s brand, along with also helping to benefit the community that you are part of. You’ll be able to showcase your hotel, and the key points that your staff and guests bring up during their short interviews for the shoots.

If you are struggling with how to start or coming up with a sustainable plan for getting these photos and videos taken, contact us! We’d love to learn more about your business and your audience to help you conceptualize the photos and videos that will benefit you most!

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