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Holiday Marketing Trends In 2023

Sep 30, 2023 | Marketing

With the holidays fast approaching, DAE & Company wanted to shed some light on some holiday marketing trends worth implementing. No matter what the size of your company, these marketing strategies have the potential to bring some significant profits and cheer this holiday season. 

When it comes to budgeting for ad spending throughout the year, all months are not created equal. During the holiday shopping season, which includes October, November, and December, you should be spending a disproportionate amount of money on your advertising. According to the National Retail Federation, nearly 40 percent of people begin their holiday shopping before Halloween. But when it comes to getting into the holiday spirit, it’s not just about product purchases. 

People love to travel and book vacations during this time of year as well. According to PricewaterhouseCooper’s (PwC) Annual Holiday Outlook Report, 47 percent of consumers will hit the road and spend 12 percent more — or about $510, on average — than they did last year. So if you’re in the tourism industry, you’ll definitely want to include targeted holiday campaigns to your overall marketing itinerary. And as you can imagine, planning in advance is crucial for reaping the best results.  

Across the board of business categories, there are increases in the factors that contribute to your overall sales during the holidays. Consider the following trends to be somewhat of a holiday marketing wish list. Make note of your favorite ideas, get motivated and start laying out the groundwork for your seasonal campaign!


Embrace An Attitude Of Gratitude

Being thankful for what you have involves making a conscious effort to pay it forward. As human beings and as a brand, it is important to find ways to give back. People love knowing their money is contributing towards the greater good is just one more reason for them to choose your company over the competition — especially during the holiday season when people tend to be in a more giving mood. 

Start by identifying a cause that is near and dear to your heart and that aligns with your overall brand mission. Whether it’s donating a portion of your profits or allowing the customer to choose to make a contribution to one of a handful of carefully curated nonprofits at checkout, your generosity will not go unnoticed. 

Within the world of tourism, there has been a push toward making travelers more aware of their particular impacts on the destinations they are visiting and placing more intentionality on how they engage with the people and the environment during their getaway. Consider creating some sort of initiative that encourages travelers to engage with locals in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way. These benefits can vary depending on the specific needs of each destination: Manual labor, financial investments in infrastructure, economic opportunities, or support of local conservation initiatives. Any of these options can incorporate a “holiday twist” and will set the foundation for a successful seasonal campaign.


Connect With Your Community

Look for ways to collaborate with other small businesses or individuals within your community. There are countless ways to implement this trend, but here are a few just to get your wheels turning. Find a business in your neighborhood that offers products or services that are complementary to yours and agree upon a special holiday offer you can market to customers. 

Another potential direction would be to run a contest that features local community members’ personal stories, highlighting their experience with your product or service. Yet another great option would be to hire local artists to design a limited edition version of your product, which creates a sense of urgency to purchase along with that desirable V.I.P. feeling. 

These types of collaborations work great as additional giveaways to add to a holiday vacation package. It gives that “home away from home” vibe that people always appreciate. In fact, the PwC Annual Holiday Outlook Report found that during the holiday season almost 60 percent of U.S. consumers plan to take a trip within their home state. So go ahead, and get your community-centric brainstorm going because working together is a big part of what the holiday spirit entails.


Incorporate Elements Of Surprise And Engagement

Fostering unexpected and memorable experiences for consumers is a great way to increase brand recognition and profits. Plan to have a holiday-themed pop up shop that showcases the seasonal products or services you want to promote. And be sure to take all the details into consideration i.e. music, decor, employee attire, etc. Everything plays a part in the overall environment and feel for consumers. A branded, holiday photo booth is also a great option. 

You can take things one step further and host a special holiday event! One that people will even willingly travel to attend! It’s worth noting that millennials are the biggest travel spenders this holiday season ($670), followed by Gen X ($611) and Gen Z ($447). These target demographics also tend to value experiences over things. This should reassure you that all the planning will be worthwhile when you see the turnout and have boatloads of amazing, authentic content (captured by the professional photographer/videographer you hired) to use as supporting holiday marketing in both social and traditional marketing efforts. There’s a reason repurposed content is all the rage these days — it’s cost effective and it works.


‘Tis The Season To Get Sentimental 

Without a doubt, many purchasing decisions are dictated by emotions rather than logic. During a time of year filled with tradition and heartfelt memories, this theory becomes even more relevant. That being said, it is wise to create holiday campaign concepts that evoke feelings of warmth, comfort and the need to purchase your product in order to keep those sentiments going strong long after the holiday season has come to a close. 

During your ideation process, look to universal truths for inspiration. You want an idea to which everyone can relate. Invite and make room for compassion. Showcase your brand’s capability to embrace empathy. Reveal the power of kindness and what humanity is capable of accomplishing when people work together. Capture the essence of what it means to remove unwanted distractions and responsibilities in order to spend quality time with loved ones. 

You want to tug at the heartstrings while instilling a sense of hope and optimism, finding a way to tie it back to your brand. At the end of the day, people have a tendency to remember how something makes them feel more than the specifics of what was said or done. Unlock the power of those holiday emotions in your marketing tactics.


The Holidays And Tradition Go Hand-In-Hand

Don’t let the more traditional, proven marketing tactics get lost amidst all these innovative and intriguing ideas. Print, OOH, TV commercials and email campaigns have a track record for being extremely effective. As cited in a blog by Neil Patel, ad impressions typically increase by 50 percent during the holiday season, click-through rates rise 100 percent, direct traffic increases 150 percent, the average order value grows by 30 percent, and conversion rates go up 60 percent! That is a very impressive and convincing collection of statistics in support of budgeting for traditional holiday marketing methods.

Additionally, giving a holiday deal, discount or limited time vacation package promo is something that will never get old for consumers. After all, everyone loves to save money!  Whether you decide to offer free shipping on all orders, complimentary gift wrapping, a fun holiday card included with every purchase, a bonus excursion or amenity, customers will appreciate these little gestures of generosity. 


Wrapping Things Up

Almost four years after COVID-19 and the resultant restrictions, consumers are looking forward to going all out and celebrating the seasonal festivities. This is supported by a recent McKinsey survey that found 55 percent of Americans were excited about holiday shopping, with 56 percent of them starting their shopping in the month of October. 

Another effect of enduring lockdowns has led to a trend endearingly termed “revenge travel.” Consumers have a reinvigorated desire to travel for longer and more frequently. According to Skyscanner, three-quarters (77%) of those surveyed said they’re planning to spend the same or more on trips abroad than they did in 2022, with almost half (41%) planning to spend more.

It’s about getting back lost time and experiences. This shift includes hospitality players looking for ways to provide a more experiential user journey, such as incorporating elements like augmented reality tours — a perfect opportunity to add seasonal marketing elements. 

As you prepare to get your marketing budgets and strategies on point for the holidays, DAE & Company has the right team, skills and experience to deliver the perfect holly, jolly and effective campaign. It’s all about building brand awareness, making emotional connections with consumers, and convincing them to choose you over the competition. 

If you want to end this year on a high note and get on the right track for the new year, DAE & Company is the marketing agency for you. The holiday season has already started, so contact us today!

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