COVID Safety Signage

DAE & Company was tasked with creating the now ubiquitous COVID-19 safety signage for our clients at Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel and Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel. By deciding to create signs that complimented their respective brands rather than buying them from a government website, we created lighthearted campaigns that would stand out, stop consumers in their tracks, and possibly even leave them with a much-needed reason to smile. All while being respectful to the seriousness that surrounds this crisis.

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel COVID Posters

Hotel Safety Poster
Restaurant Safety Signage
Hotel Pool Safety Poster
Covid-19 Safety Poster

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel Elevator Sticker

Social Distancing Elevator Sticker

Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel COVID Posters

Wash Your Hands Covid Sign
Safety Awareness Campaign
Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel Safety Signage
Attention Trolls Safety Sign