City Council Election

Call to Action Campaign

Two city council member hopefuls reached out to DAE & Company to help with strategy, media planning and design for their 2020 campaigns.


DAE & Company had three main challenges with this local political campaign: 1) Lake Tahoe is a small city with minimal outlets for marketing and outreach. 2) The two candidates had similar platforms, so they wanted to run together to gain more attention, but still be thought of as individual candidates. 3) Marketing funds were fluid as donations were coming in at the same time the campaign was launching.


As donations came in, we used their funds effectively and efficiently – garnering the highest saturation possible within our target audience in a highly competitive environment.

We ensured each candidate had a clear and distinct voice while capitalizing on the strength of their core values, and developed a media strategy that optimized R/F on multiple platforms – focusing on digital for its flexibility, and peppering with local newspaper, flyers and community signage.

Although navigating new policies for Facebook and Instagram political ads would be challenging and time consuming, we maximized our experience and network to ensure a seamless approval process.


Social Media

Election campaign social media image

Print Advertising

Cristi Creegan City Council Print Ad
Election campaign print advertising

Web Banner

election web banner for John Friedrich


impressions during 2.5 months

clicks through to websites

Both candidates won by what we like to refer to as a landslide.