Legends Ray & Toni VanWinkle

Legends Ray & Toni VanWinkle

Ray and Toni VanWinkle

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Following up a day of rocks, dust and dirt with an evening of rocks, dust and dirt.
Sound like heaven or what?

For some, the addition of blue skies, open hills and a face full of dust is all it takes to upgrade the day from good to great. They’re modern day rough riders saddled up on 1000 ccs of creature comfort, commanding front row seats to the raw pageantry that unfolds in the hills beyond their home. That’s how the buggy bounces in the backyards of Carson Valley.

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#1 Endless escapes, adventures, and wide-open trails await you in Carson Valley.

#2: Blue skies, open trails, and endless adventures await you in Carson Valley.

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