5 Ways To Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy

Good marketers are strategic, creative, goal-oriented, and decisive. They plan ahead but think on their feet and can adapt quickly. They listen to others and do plenty of research but can distill all that information into what really matters. In a saturated marketplace, good marketers keep their eye on the prize! All good marketers understand the importance of a solid marketing strategy.  It keeps everyone focused, aligned on goals and objectives, and accountable. When developing a solid marketing strategy, it’s essential to understand a brand’s target audiences and their needs, motivators, and buying triggers. A successful marketing strategy isn’t stagnant. It’s the floorplan for success, but campaign by campaign, you build on your initial approach, learning and improving as you go! 

The expert team at DAE & Company has developed, implemented, and improved on countless marketing strategies over the years.  Today, we’ll go over five of our most valuable tips for strengthening your marketing strategy to help you generate better results for your business!

1. Know What’s Working – And What’s Not

Understanding how to identify what elements of your marketing strategy are working is imperative. Do not overlook the impotence of taking time to set up proper tracking for your marketing campaigns before they launch. If you are struggling to set up tracking or have difficulty understanding the data, seek assistance from a professional marketing agency.

When you crafted your initial marketing strategy, you decided what you wanted to say and why. After executing your marketing strategy for a while now, take a step back and evaluate it. Is your messaging setting your brand apart? Is your marketing personalized to your target audiences? Are you seeing a positive return from your efforts? 

Maybe you need some brand development help to carve out a space for yourself in the market, or perhaps you just need better content and creatives that truly reflect your brand’s mission and unique selling proposition. Either way, if something isn’t working, don’t continue to do it.

2. Check In On Your Consumer Insights

The world is changing fast, and consumers expect and need more from brands. The audience research you did last year or even six months ago may not hold up today. Check your work and ensure that the data you built your marketing strategy around remains true. Are travelers traveling the way you expected this year? Are shoppers living up to the trend expectations? What are consumers looking for from your brand today?

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in an era of change. Throughout the pandemic, we all had to find new ways to do things, from shopping to connecting with friends and family to participating in events. Savvy businesses recognized how their audiences’ worlds were changing and altered their business models and marketing strategies to follow suit. As the world evolved and audience needs and preferences shifted yet again, brands had to keep up. Businesses that didn’t market to their audiences in real-time, with appropriate, up-to-date marketing messages, saw negative backlash and a disconnect with even the most loyal customers.  

Take a hard look at your marketing strategy. Are you providing the right messages and marketing campaigns throughout the buying journey? Work your way through the conversion funnel with your refreshed understanding of your target audiences. Does every piece of your marketing strategy align with their wants, needs, and expectations?

3. Experiment With New Marketing Tactics

The marketing landscape is changing faster than ever before. Your marketing strategy must be open to new channels, tactics, and trends. If a campaign is driving incredible results, allocate more budget to it. But don’t ignore new and innovative marketing techniques that you may not have considered when you originally designed your marketing strategy! If a new social media channel takes off and becomes popular among your target market, don’t wait to jump on board just because it wasn’t part of your initial plan. If a new ad format or search trend could drive impactful results, ensure you’re flexible enough to experiment with them! 

It can be hard to keep up with all the changes and innovations in marketing, so keep up with the industry and the opportunities available. A solid marketing partner solely focused on your marketing success can be a tremendous asset in ensuring you don’t miss out on any chances to improve!

4. Consider The Lifetime Value Of A Customer

The lifetime value of a customer is the amount of money that a customer will spend with your business throughout their relationship with your business. Understanding the lifetime value of a customer can give you knowledge on how much you’ll be paying to acquire a new customer versus how much revenue your brand can expect from them over time. You can analyze the lifetime value of your customers by calculating how much an average customer spends per transaction, how frequently they purchase from you, and how long they continue to buy from you.  This metric can help you understand how much you should invest in acquiring new customers. 

5. Continue To Be Accountable

To achieve success as a business, you need to have a marketing strategy that will hold you accountable for what you’ve been able to accomplish and what you have struggled to achieve. As a team, focus on what you’ve been able to do correctly and what needs work to find success in the future. Review your benchmarks and decide what needs to change to help you hit your goals. Don’t wait too long to pivot strategies if you’re missing the mark. Keep everyone on the team updated with your progress, successes, and next steps so that they are as invested in your success as you are!

There’s no wrong time to review your marketing strategy! If you’re struggling to create or execute a strategic marketing plan, contact DAE & Company! We’re happy to help you strengthen your existing marketing strategy or help you to create a new one! We have the experience and passion for marketing to help your brand move forward effectively and efficiently, and we’ll have some fun while we do it!

Why Your Business Should Be Using Email Marketing

Why Your Business Should Be Using Email Marketing

Many people ask if email marketing is dead, and it’s far from it! Email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing channels for businesses while remaining cost-effective. As more businesses become educated on email marketing and correctly put it to use, they can reach their target audience directly while seeing positive results in revenue and audience growth.

By sending emails, businesses have been able to keep existing customers engaged and updated with the latest products, services, and events while growing their owned list of contacts by attracting and introducing new customers to their brand. We’ll dive further into how email marketing can positively impact your business and why you should be using it to interact with current and potential customers!

Build Credibility

By sharing helpful and informative information through email, your customers will begin to see you as an expert in your field, allowing you to generate leads and sales for your business through education. 

Usually, people will buy from businesses that they know and trust. By positioning your brand and value directly in their inbox each week or month, they’ll be more likely to make purchases from your business in the future and form a personal relationship. 

Reach Your Audience On All Devices

Email marketing allows your business to reach your target audience directly through their inbox with pop-up notifications directly on their phone, laptop, smartwatch, or tablet. Most emails are opened on mobile devices, proving that businesses can reach customers anywhere. In addition, email marketing allows recipients to unsubscribe from your list, which helps you to define your target audience. 

Boost Sales

Once you have collected an audience of people interested in receiving updates about your business, you’ll be able to break up those customers into segments, helping you reach those with specific interests surrounding your products or services. If you know that a particular audience would be most interested in a current sale or upcoming promotion, personalize an email to that segment and show them you know what they’re looking for and you’re offering specific products, services, and deals just for them. 

Attract New Clients / Customers

Create a new subscriber segment to send nurturing emails that allow the recipients to learn more about your business and brand without feeling like they’re being sold to all the time. Direct them to your website or social channels to learn more, so they get comfortable with everything you have to offer.

Sharing your emails on your social networks is a great way to do more with your content, by repurposing the good and showing off the value of being on your mailing list. Make sure to encourage your social fans to subscribe to your emails too! 

Generate Leads

Everyone subscribed to your email isn’t necessarily ready to make a purchase. With email, you’ll be able to build a strong relationship with your target audience with the intent of directing them to make a purchase or to sign up for your service when they are ready. By keeping your audience up to date on your business, events, and sales, you’ll be able to strengthen your relationship with information that your audience finds valuable to them.   

Get Immediate Results

Each sale counts when it comes to profits for your business. With email, you can see how people are interacting with each campaign relatively quickly through open and click rates. You can also see how many of your emails bounced and if there were any unsubscribers. Link activity and click maps can help show you whether customers are going to your site or if you need to make edits to your email template before sending the next email.

Email also allows for revenue result tracking. Your business will be able to track how much revenue you’ve been able to build through tagged links in email campaigns. This information can be used to develop sales predictions and future sales strategies. 

Build A Relationship With Your Clients / Customers

Even if you aren’t immediately making sales through email marketing, it is still an incredible tool for building solid relationships with an audience that could soon turn into repeat customers. 

As you build new email campaigns, you’ll be able to learn from what you’ve done in the past and can see what will work better as you move forward and send more emails. You’ll continue to understand your customers and what they’re looking for with your brand. 

Email marketing has continuously shown that businesses can use it to send highly personalized messages to specific audiences interested in your products or services. We’d love to learn more about your business and your audiences to show you how we can take your business to the next level with the right email marketing strategy!

Ways Your Lack of Branding Is Sabotaging Your Marketing

Ways Your Lack of Branding Is Sabotaging Your Marketing

A great brand builds a strong foundation for your business while also allowing you to be easily recognized by your customers. If you see a swoosh/checkmark on clothes you instantly know where it’s from, a snarky Tweet about a competitor will have you recognizing one of the popular fast food restaurants, and commercials with a little gecko instantly have you repeating a well-known slogan.

There are many more brands that can be easily recognized by their logo, slogan, sound/music, and voice. Building a solid, recognizable, and engaging brand should be at the core of your business. A strong brand strategy allows you to create more effective marketing and sales campaigns, solidify customer relationships, and increase brand awareness and loyalty. The right brand strategy will also help you to understand your target audiences, improve your marketing return on investment and save time when it comes to asset creation and messaging.

The branding experts at DAE & Company can help you to understand the process and how to successfully implement a strong branding strategy that will lead you on your way to success.

Can your brand hurt your business?

If you don’t have the proper branding in place, yes, your brand can hurt your business. Many don’t fully understand what a brand is and how it helps lead your business. It’s not uncommon to see businesses that have a logo in place and think their branding is done. Or they have a few guidelines established, but aren’t consistent in executing on them. Some businesses aren’t sure what their brand strategy should be, so they ignore it or try various different directions without a clear understanding of where they are going.

Your brand is how people recognize and perceive your business. It is the feelings that are provoked based on either personal experience, word of mouth, or perception. Each of us as individuals have our own unique brand/style and we will seek out products that match our personality. And, of course, our brand shifts as we age, gain experience, and evolve as individuals. It is similar in a business. If you aren’t establishing the consistency that you want to have throughout your business, you’re going to struggle going forward with creating brand content and/or creative that will benefit your business by attracting the right audience at the right time.

As we’ve said, creating a brand for your business is foundational. Without a brand in place, you’re likely to struggle in all marketing aspects including content, packaging, messaging, and connecting and building your audience.

7 ways bad branding can hurt your business:

  1. Not attracting enough customers
  2. Not attracting the right customers
  3. No foundation to build your products or services
  4. Inaccurate representation of your business
  5. Unaddressed negative perception of your business
  6. Lack of brand loyal customers
  7. Not establishing long-term trust between you and your customers

Wasting time on marketing assets.

Exactly what are you trying to accomplish for your business and who do you hope to reach? These questions are important in the process of building out the branding for your business. Here are some common issues that we’ve seen as businesses design their brand:

  1. Poor logo design
  2. Inconsistent brand voice
  3. No overall vision
  4. Lack of strategy
  5. Undeveloped and/or inconsistent creative

These issues often halt the growth of your business and don’t allow customers to create a relationship with you. It also impedes the creation of marketing assets which include everything that you’ll use to promote your product, service, or brand. In fact, you could have great marketing assets implemented for your business, but if they aren’t cohesive or reflect the brand, your results will be less than what you want.

Not targeting the right audience.

This also correlates with wasting time on marketing assets. If you don’t have a clear understanding of who your brand is and how you help others, you won’t be targeting or reaching the right audience for your business. You could be wasting time and budget sending the wrong campaigns to the wrong people, instead of dialing in your branding to really speak to the people you want to reach. Your audiences turn into customers, which then turn into a loyal relationship where they’ll keep coming back for your services or products. As mentioned before with the most popular brand voices in the industry, you want your audience to recognize and connect with you and recall the information that they have heard before!

If you aren’t sure where to start in creating your brand, or are struggling to get the results that you’ve set for your business, we’re here to help! We have the strategies and experience to help you create a brand that is right for your business. Don’t waste time trying to figure out what will work best for you and struggling to understand where to start. Contact us today to get started!

Are You Spreading Your Marketing Budget Too Thin?

Are You Spreading Your Marketing Budget Too Thin?

We love all things marketing here at DAE & Company, which is why we absolutely understand how easy it is to get excited about new marketing campaigns, channels, and strategies! It’s our love of all things marketing that also makes us appreciate a strategic marketing budget. Creating the right marketing budget for your business is essential. If you try to tackle too much at once with your marketing budget, you’ll likely be spreading yourself too thin – resulting in missed opportunities, and oftentimes, very little impact felt from your dollars spent.

When a new campaign idea, channel, or marketing initiative comes along, make sure you stay focused on your target audiences and overall objectives. Reaching the right people at the right time with the right messaging should always be the driving force behind your marketing strategy and budget. Here are a few tips and ideas from our team of marketing professionals on how to keep your marketing efforts streamlined and impactful.

Start Small

It’s so important to find the right mix of marketing channels for your business. You don’t need to be on every social media platform, and you don’t need to run a print ad in every local magazine available. You need to first understand who your target audience is and which channels and mediums they prefer and start there.

Focusing on fewer channels allows you to test your messaging to really find the campaigns that resonate with your target audiences. You can also optimize your campaigns for higher reach and frequency, to really dominate on those channels. Find the right mix of messaging and mediums, then grow your marketing presence as you start to see results

Think Through the Full Buyers Journey

Different marketing strategies and channels are often better suited for different stages of the buyers journey. Focus your marketing efforts accordingly, so you can build a solid pipeline that will provide returns in both the short and long term. As you start to see leads or sales, you can adjust your budget, reallocating between campaigns to get more results from different stages of the funnel.

Combine the Right Channels

As important as it is not to spread your marketing budget too thin, it’s just as important to diversify your marketing efforts. You don’t ever want to be overly reliant on any one form of marketing. Digitally, a mix of paid and organic efforts should work together to bring you short and long term results. Budgeting for a healthy mix of marketing channels will protect your budget and your results.

Let Your Branding Be Your Guiding Light

With a solid brand strategy in place, it will be easier to find the right mix of marketing channels. It will also be easier to craft impactful, effective marketing campaigns across channels. An investment in a rebrand or brand guidelines will always save you money in the long run when it comes to implementing effective marketing and sales strategies.

Keep Things Consistent & Give It Time

Don’t reinvent the wheel with every marketing campaign or for every marketing channel. Keep your campaigns and your branding consistent and cohesive. Repurpose elements for each channel, so your audiences recognize you, wherever they find you. Allow your campaigns to evolve and improve. If you’re changing tactics and channels every month, you’re never going to get over the initial “learning phase” that new campaigns often require. While campaigns can certainly generate instant wins, most require thoughtful optimization over time. With a little patience and lots of hard work, you’ll see success!

Pay Attention to Results

No matter how big your marketing budget is, you need to pay attention to your results. Watch for peaks and valleys in performance very closely. Understand exactly where your money is going, what it’s supposed to be doing, and how each channel is working for you. Sticking to your marketing budget doesn’t have to mean you waste money on channels or campaigns that don’t perform. Be agile with your decisions, but base them on data and results. If you’re not seeing regular reports on how your marketing dollars are impacting your bottom line, you need to start asking for them!

Marketing is a Long Game

Although you may see immediate results on some platforms, marketing & advertising is a long game. As your market starts to recognize your outreach and your brand begins to take root, business will increase. But it is important to keep investing in marketing & advertising. If you start and stop or if your budget decreases dramatically, you will lose momentum. It may not happen immediately, but you will feel the effects. Committing to a continuous, strategic, long-term marketing & advertising campaign will be the most beneficial to your business and to your brand.

Are you ready to invest in a rebranding project that will save you money down the road? Or are you looking for help in developing a more successful, sustainable marketing budget? We’re here to help! We’re a marketing team made up of thinkers, questioners, and doers, and we can’t wait to help you see better results from your marketing!

Putting Your Healthcare Brand to Work

Putting Your Healthcare Brand to Work

The healthcare industry has faced unprecedented challenges over the last few years, and it’s more important than ever to invest in a fresh brand strategy in 2022. If you have decided to rebrand and have finalized your strategy and brand direction, your organization can focus on making the most of your brand strategy with more effective and efficient marketing and communications campaigns. From lead generation to increasing revenue streams, here are a few of the ways you can put your healthcare branding to work!

Launch a Fresh Look and Feel

A rebrand is a perfect time to refresh your logo, website, signage, and more! When you’re ready to start a new chapter for your business, a fresh look and feel is a great way to take the next step. Your employees and patients will take notice and rally around the new design. Consider launching a teaser campaign to really drum up excitement and get the community involved!

With new brand visuals in place, take the time to revamp all components of your visual identity from your on-site signage to your online ads, and everywhere in between! Make a prioritized list of the visual aspects of your brand and have a plan in place for updating everything. A full-service agency, such as DAE and Company, can assist your team, making sure everyone stays on track and ensuring that your brand is represented in all visual components.

Share Your Fresh Brand Guidelines

After your rebrand, it’s important to update all of your documentation to ensure everyone working with your brand has a clear understanding of who you are and how you communicate that to the world. Brand guidelines should be shared and used by your internal teams and any partners you’re working with across marketing, sales, public relations, advertising, and more. Brand guidelines will save you time and wasted budget by helping to keep everything consistent and goals-focused!

Take the time early on after a rebrand to create on-brand templates for content, marketing campaigns, and more. At DAE, our branding team can provide you with the branded templates you need to run with your rebrand, to set you up for success from the get-go!

Update Your Website

You’ve learned a lot through the brand strategy process, use what you’ve learned to create a better online presence for your organization. Think through the pain points and needs of your target audiences, and redesign a website that truly meets their needs. This could be as simple as a new look or as complex as a total restructuring of your information and site layout. Use the data you’ve been gathering to improve the user experience of your website!

Launch New Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Along with your newfound understanding of your target audiences, you also have a ton of visual assets and messaging to share with the world! Revamp your marketing and advertising initiatives to reflect not only your new look and feel but also your new messaging to better attract and convert potential patients and employees!

Focus on Brand Recognition

A strategic, cohesive healthcare brand should be recognizable across any and all touchpoints. Whether someone is reading a social media post, sees a poster or billboard around town, or gets an appointment reminder, it should be crystal clear who that message is coming from. Visually, there should be consistent colors, fonts, and logo usage. From a content standpoint, the tone and messaging should be cohesive and undeviating. No matter where someone interacts with your brand, they should have a persistent, dependable brand experience, and be able to recognize your branding across all touchpoints.

Get Your Team Excited

With new branding in place, get your team onboarded and excited about what that means for your business! Share some of the backstory and lessons learned during the rebranding process, then help them understand what it means for the future. Give them the information they need and the motivation to become your brand champions!

Unveiling your new brand internally is a great time to provide branded apparel or gifts to your staff, and have new swag available for patients. These people are your best brand ambassadors, so give them everything they need, from information to branded goodies, to help them spread the word about your organization and your mission!

Spread the Word

Take every opportunity you can find to talk about your rebrand! Use every interview or content opportunity to announce the initiative and then tie in the purpose of your branding efforts with the overall goals and story of your brand. The rebrand itself may be newsworthy enough, but take the publicity opportunities presented to you to really market your organization! Send out press releases, pitch guest blogs, and reach out to media partners and community leaders to really get the word out!

When you’re ready to take your healthcare organization to the next level with a branding project for 2022, we’re here to help! We have the insight and experience to guide you through the brand strategy process, and then make the most of your new brand so that the investment pays off for years to come! Don’t waste time on outdated, out-of-touch branding, let’s focus on all the possibilities to come! Contact us today to get started.

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Why is Healthcare Branding Important in 2022?

Why is Healthcare Branding Important in 2022?

Many healthcare organizations had to pull back or turn off their marketing and advertising initiatives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As we look to the future, healthcare organizations are looking to rebuild their messaging and revenue streams. Innovative, engaging healthcare branding should be the first step! Your branding is an important part of how your healthcare organization is perceived by those who work there and those who choose your facility for their care. It provides a baseline and platform to help build relationships with your patients and staff, set yourself apart from the competition, and establish your values and goals within your community.

As anyone in the field knows, the healthcare industry is extremely competitive when it comes to attracting and retaining both top talent and patients. This year, you may want to consider an investment in redeveloping your brand or strengthening your current brand to help your organization truly stand out and positively shape the perceptions and expectations of your business throughout the community. To help in your branding considerations and to move forward effectively and strategically, let’s take a step back and review the branding basics.

Audience Insights

The world has changed dramatically over the last few years, and healthcare organizations need to have a clear and current picture of the wants and needs of their customers. Don’t settle for old data or assumptions, get to the heart of what your audiences need to position yourself as the best possible healthcare provider.

A great brand strategy will always keep your target audiences as the focus. Doing a deep dive into your target audiences and your competitors will give you a better sense of understanding and help you better serve those communities.

Brand Positioning & Community Perception

Whatever you want to be known for, your branding should help you accomplish that. A strong brand puts you in control of how your healthcare organization is being viewed and perceived. People talk, and what they say matters to others, so make sure that you’re laying a strong branding foundation to guide those conversations! Whether you want to be the most trusted, caring, experienced, or innovative organization, the correct branding can help you earn that reputation within your community.

Rebranding in 2022 will allow you to revamp your organization’s story and create more meaningful connections with your community. If we take anything with us from the last few tumultuous years, it’s how absolutely vital healthcare workers and organizations are, so be sure to frame your branding in the best possible context as we look to the future. Tell your story and position your organization as the backbone of your community. Highlight all the ways you’ve helped get them through the tough times, and help them understand how you are helping them stay healthy and strong for the next chapter.

Employee Attraction and Retention

The pandemic has left the healthcare industry with staffing shortages, and your branding should help you attract and retain top talent. Your organization has a reputation when it comes to being an employer, your branding puts you in control of the narrative in terms of how you want to be perceived. As potential new hires are deciding whether or not to join your team, your branding can help make the case for you. Your healthcare branding plan should include how you prioritize the safety, protection, and well-being of your staff. It should highlight your corporate culture and mission, and provide messaging for all audiences that showcases why someone should want to be part of your team.

Retaining talent has never been more important in the healthcare industry, so it’s vital that you’re delivering on the branding and culture you’ve developed. Once you’ve hired great talent, your branding should keep staff engaged and optimistic about working there. A professional brand strategy will be easier to execute because it will be more authentic and well-organized. Employees should be living your brand promises day in and day out, creating a snowball effect of positive brand interactions and sentiment.

Patient Engagement

Beyond an employee focus to your branding, a focus on your patients and potential patients is imperative. Your brand strategy should facilitate relationship building with your community and patients. Position your organization as more than a place people can come to receive care, but as an organization that is willing to take time to understand patients, and puts them first. By taking the time to set up proper healthcare branding for your organization, you’ll be able to foster trust with your patients while also building a relationship that will instill loyalty during every part of the patient journey. And again, it’s imperative that your actions, policies, and behaviors authentically represent the brand. If your brand becomes rhetoric without substance, you will do far more harm to your reputation than good.

13 Benefits of Healthcare Branding in 2022

Your branding should serve as the foundation for all of your marketing and sales initiatives, but should also serve as the backbone of your organization. Your branding should give your employees a mission to rally around, and feel proud to be a part of. It should give your patients an overall sense of comfort and belonging. With so many healthcare options available for patients and staff to choose from today, you’ll want to make sure that they can easily find their fit with you. Your brand is the backbone of your business and should be a top priority in 2022.

  1. Stand out in a competitive market
  2. Generate better credibility and authority
  3. Be more consistent with your marketing and messaging
  4. Stay ahead of the competition
  5. Foster meaningful connections and relationships
  6. Encourage brand loyalty and positive brand sentiment
  7. Support talent acquisition and retention
  8. Identify patient trends and needs
  9. Improve the patient journey and overall experience
  10. Focus your marketing and sales targeting
  11. Generate more patient referrals
  12. Attract and retain top-level talent
  13. Build more purposeful relationships within your community

Now that we’ve talked about why you need a fresh brand strategy for 2022, it’s time to better understand how DAE can help! Helping healthcare marketers understand the process and our innovative approach is one of our specialties. We’d love to learn more about your business and your audiences to show you how we can take your healthcare organization to the next level with a creative, engaging, and purposeful brand strategy!

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