Carson Valley Visitors Authority Logo

Branding and Creative Campaign

Carson Valley Visitors Authority competes with well-known Lake Tahoe and Reno destinations. The Visitor Bureau had a limited budget, but knew they needed to find their niche and panache to be effective in the tourism industry.


DAE & Company was brought in to work with stakeholders and visitor bureau contingencies to develop a campaign to increase visitor numbers and total occupancy tax while speaking to the uniqueness of the area.


We started by reviewing existing data while adding interviews & current tourism research to develop archetypes of target audiences and make recommendations. Moving forward into creative development, we created a brand essence called “Legends of the Valley” that capitalized on Carson Valley’s unique people, geography, and experiences. Campaign deliverables included: print, outdoor, television, online video, online banner ads, and collateral as well as a new landing page. We also collaborated with other departments to reinforce the messaging via social media and public relations.


Legends of the Valley Website

Digital Advertising

Animated web banner for Carson Valley
Visitors Bureau Web Banner
Visitors Bureau website

Print Ad

Legends of the valley print ad


50,000+ unique visitors to in four months.

Within eight months, website traffic up 250% over previous eight months.

Campaign has received positive recognition from the Carson Valley and neighboring communities.

Addy Award winner