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Branding and Creative Campaign

Amidst an increasingly crowded healthcare landscape, Carson Valley Medical Center found it necessary to establish a clear and secure competitive presence.
In conjunction with their 30th anniversary and a multi-year facility expansion, DAE & Company was entrusted with a complete rebrand including an updated logo and creative materials designed to serve as the foundation for all future advertising efforts.


To better reflect the organization’s expanding scope and evolution, DAE & Company created a branding campaign that embodies the spirit of Carson Valley Health by emphasizing its strong community ties and exceptional healthcare services while simultaneously conveying a sense of forward momentum, innovation, and technological advancement.


By leveraging existing data and conducting fresh research and interviews, DAE & Company delved deep into comprehending the audience, competitive landscape, and distinctive selling points. This thorough understanding served as the foundation for crafting components that would establish a robust market position and a distinctive brand identity. The result was a meaningful logo and attention-grabbing campaign as follows.


Legends of the Valley Website


Animated web banner for Carson Valley
Animated web banner for Carson Valley
Visitors Bureau Web Banner
Visitors Bureau website



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