The Cat Chalet

The Cat Chalet

The Cat Chalet

Using whimsical cat illustrations and a vibrant, patterned color palette, DAE & Company helped The Cat Chalet brand their new boarding and grooming business by designing a contemporary new logo, a fun and colorful website as well as a robust social media plan. The client (and guests) were thrilled that it turned out so ‘puuuurfect.’


The Cat Chalet


The Cat Chalet - Home Page
The Cat Chalet - Web Pages

Rack Card

The Cat Chalet - Rack Card

Social Media

The Cat Chalet - Social Media
The Cat Chalet - Social Media
How To Save On OTA Commission

How To Save On OTA Commission

How to save on OTA Commission

Actual Hotel Campaign

Online Travel Agencies (OTA), such as, and can be vital to your hotel, especially if you are an independent hotel, but at what cost? Typically, it’s 15–30% commission per room booked, but can go even higher depending on your agreement with the OTA. In order to minimize these costs, the ultimate goal is to have guests book direct with your hotel. This not only alleviates commission fees, but allows you to market directly to your guests in the future.

DAE & Company works hard to develop strong digital campaigns which would allow you to book more customers direct on your website and establish a database for low-cost future marketing.

Securing reservations through your own advertising builds brand loyalty, increases your database, and saves you money. It also helps to further develop the relationship with your best customers – returning guests – allowing for future revenue that costs you zero in additional advertising dollars. We know this because we’ve done it.


Create campaigns that maximize your return on investment and create opportunities for future marketing campaigns, loyalty programs and future revenue.


Typically, the marketing plans we develop for our resort properties are fully-integrated campaigns that utilize both digital and traditional mediums, although most traditional mediums have some aspect of digital included. A well-rounded plan ensures that you will be seen no matter where your customer is in the booking process… whether they are simply researching and dreaming, or ready to book.

For the purpose of this case study, however, we will be analyzing and comparing digital ad spend only, as digital is easily tracked and we are able to attribute revenue to each ad.

Our digital campaigns are carefully researched and designed to invest in terms and key phrases that are actually driving bookings, not just click-thrus. We develop copy and creative that maintain brand integrity utilizing a strong call-to-action. We carefully monitor results and shift our spends to maximize revenue throughout the campaign, reporting stats to our clients each month.

Digital Results

Based on a 10-month campaign, our average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is 8:1, which means for every $1 spent in advertising, you receive $8 in revenue.

Cost for media per reservation is approximately 12-14% of revenue. This is a savings of 7-16% over OTA commission.

Real Number Results

Hotel OTA Graph

DAE & Company just saved you $64,000 to $128,000

Note: Above results are annual results for a resort hotel.

Legends Ray & Toni VanWinkle

Legends Ray & Toni VanWinkle

Ray and Toni VanWinkle

Print Ads

Following up a day of rocks, dust and dirt with an evening of rocks, dust and dirt.
Sound like heaven or what?

For some, the addition of blue skies, open hills and a face full of dust is all it takes to upgrade the day from good to great. They’re modern day rough riders saddled up on 1000 ccs of creature comfort, commanding front row seats to the raw pageantry that unfolds in the hills beyond their home. That’s how the buggy bounces in the backyards of Carson Valley.

Election campaign social media image


Ray & Toni Billboard

Social Media

#1 Endless escapes, adventures, and wide-open trails await you in Carson Valley.

#2: Blue skies, open trails, and endless adventures await you in Carson Valley.

social media image
social media image

Web Banners

Legend web banner
legends web banner