Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel Logo

Branding and Hotel Launch

Hotel owners wanted to leave their national brand and become independent. DAE & Company was tasked with rebranding the property and managing marketing, creative, media, and PR.


In a location dominated by national brands, we had 45 days to complete a rebrand while maintaining occupancy and revenue. The new independent hotel would start without a database of past guests and, to make matters more challenging, all guests on the books were being contacted to move to accommodations a mile away!


SWOT analysis, name development, identity creation, and mission/promise/pillar were all employed to help develop their brand. Within several weeks, we launched their new brand identity utilizing traditional and digital media: broadcast, on-site collateral, as well as social media and public relations targeting main markets. A full website was developed and ready for launch and online tracking developed for future outreach efforts. Special offers were created to entice bookings and multiple social media pages were created to establish followers.

Grand Opening Sweepstakes

Hotel Grand Opening Sweepstakes

Dream Machine Shuttle

Dream Machine Shuttle Branding

Tri-fold Brochure

Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel Brochure

Print Ad

Anaheim hotel advertising campaign

Outdoor Banner

Hotel tradeshow banner

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Despite starting with nearly zero reservations, AMGH ended the year with higher occupancy and revenue than with the previous national brand.

Hotel continues to out-perform national brands in the Anaheim area YoY.