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We are as hot as this flame


We don’t fit into round holes too well. In fact, we’re an odd bit of this, that and a handful of other things that keep us wide-eyed. We’re a mountain-climbing, river-running, beach-bumming, powder-hounding, wine-sipping, rock-skipping, horse-riding, sunset-gazing group of eclectics. Maybe it’s attributable to the altitude. Or the coffee. We’re a bit on the twitchy side, drawn to doing and being, and not comfortable with being too comfortable. The end result: we’re never short on stories to share in our Monday morning pow-wows.

Diana Arington-Evans


Cathy Davis

Director of Account Services

Dennis Millette

Creative Director

Kari Millette

Traffic Manager

Hanna Bernard

Web Developer

Ellie Gunville

Director of Digital Marketing

Dave Mulligan

Director of Business Development