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Look under the hood of DAE & Company and you’ll find a marketing machine made up of thinkers, questioners, and doers with the skills and temperament that help build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Gears moving inside your head

As part of your team, we are able to develop fully-integrated marketing initiatives that achieve defined business-growth goals. We do this with hard-work, passion, creativity, honesty and commitment.

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Our strengths lie in the relationships we develop with our clients by quickly learning their business, goals and objectives. We become an extension of their marketing department. We call it marketing from the inside out.

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We’re a team of innovative strategic marketers who hold our clients’ business goals as our own. Through dedicated immersion, we develop a full understanding of where you are and where you need to be, and utilize integrated services to get you there.

Carson Valley Visitors Authority

Carson Valley Visitors Authority competes with well-known Lake Tahoe and Reno destinations. Working with a limited budget, they knew they needed to find their niche and panache to be effective in the tourism industry.


Crafting a central unifying idea that aligns behaviors, actions and communications for our clients is our superpower…and we love it.  We work with our partners to create brands that transcend management teams, board members and employees; keeping goals, teams, decisions, and inspiration moving in the same direction.

Creative | Design

DAE & Company is a boutique agency with crazy big creative chops. Hailing from big, bad agencies from around the nation, our creative team inspires each other to create beautiful, edgy, effective, eye-pleasing campaigns, crafted to get the job done well.


DAE & Company connected with a team of community wellness professionals to develop the overall brand, logo, campaign creative, and website for this crucial community non-profit.

tahoe wedding sites

DAE & Company developed a warm, approachable, high-performance digital campaign that highlights South Lake Tahoe as a sought after wedding destination.

Integrated Media SolutionS

Most refer to media channels as “Digital & Traditional.” At DAE & Company, we think traditional media doesn’t exist and everything has an element of digital. All media evolves…all the time. Staying ahead of media consumption and best performing creative & content practices is something we take very seriously.

Strategic Planning

Everything starts with a strategic, yet flexible marketing plan designed to set up goals, objectives, tactics, messaging, benchmark KPIs, target market personas, and more. With over 20 years of strategic planning experience, DAE & Company is the perfect partner to get you started.


As long-term partners (over 20 years!) for their overall marketing endeavors, DAE & Company recently developed a new strategic approach to capture the interest of the elusive meeting planner.


Post-Disaster Marketing & PR Tips

Post-Disaster Marketing & PR Tips

Marketing to tourists after a disaster isn’t easy, and it shouldn’t be. You and your community have been through a lot. When you feel comfortable enough to start sharing your story, we would encourage you to do that, then start to focus on what your community has in store for the future. Many tourism and hospitality businesses impacted by disasters have the chance to come back stronger than before. The connection that tourists will have to the area will reflect that as well. Those that have visited before will also reach out, hoping to help and to share in the celebration of you all pulling through this together. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those that love the area and community as much as you do.

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Holiday Marketing Tips: Fun & Festive Campaign Ideas from the Pros

Holiday Marketing Tips: Fun & Festive Campaign Ideas from the Pros

Preparations for the holiday season are in full swing, and for businesses, it really is the most wonderful/hectic/stressful/rewarding time of the year! Here at DAE&Co., we want to make sure that you are one of the businesses that customers are able to easily find and reach out to for all of their holiday shopping needs. If you’re still scrambling for some holiday cheer, check out these fun and festive campaign ideas that you can use for your business this holiday season!

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Travel Insights from Google

Travel Insights from Google

In response to COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions, Google launched new Travel Insights tools that particularly focus on assisting those of us in the travel industry! These insight tools created by Google are a great start to helping the travel industry recover from these difficult times. Read on to find out how Google’s Travel Insights can be advantageous for you and your business!

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